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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Happy Tuesday.
Welcome to the lovely home of Louise.
She lives here with her beautiful family in Oslo in an apartment on the 4th floor. Hence the name of her blog 4th floor.
Louise's home is filled with retro and vintage treasures, many of which she finds at flea markets.
She also upcycles pieces and gives them a unique touch. She's pretty crafty too!
For me this home is full of life and colour, and I love the mix of new and vintage.
It's one gorgeous place to live!
(Oh and I would love to have that little sofa in my house - isn't it stunning?)

Thank you Louise for sharing your home on Little Birdie.
Photographs used with kind permission.
Please check out Louise's blog 4etg as it's stuffed full of inspiration for home and family life. x


  1. Oh yes one of my favourites. I makes me want to throw caution to the wind and colour up my home! Yes I love that little orange sofa so much too! x

  2. mmm, so much to love, especially the sofa in the nursery. Thanks, Ed x Bread and Jam

  3. Love your house envies. You pick out such great homes. x

  4. How gorgeous! Love the white with the fun and bright colours and light! Thankyou so much for sharing :)

  5. So lovely! Would love to live there. :-)

  6. wow, love! really like the nursery and the wallpaper behind the desk, such an explosion of colour! x

  7. Love that little sofa in the kids room! Such a beautiful apartment, you really do find the best homes!x

  8. Really love this home, well picked. I love the orange sofa too, and the desk, mix and match chairs round table, low hanging lamp, plants on window..! Perfect, love it!

  9. I have proper house envy with this one - love that wall of blue, the big blue sofa, the small orange sofa - the whole damn lot! Great pick. Am hopping over to see more now...x

  10. Wow, she has so many lovely pieces in her home! I have serious furniture envy with this one :-) x

  11. Hi thanks for show this!! is amazing and thanks for visit my blog!!!

  12. Oh just too beautiful. The Cathrineholm, the Marimekko cushions, the string shelves, the little sofa....ah, all so gorgeous. Thanks for bringing her lovely blog to my attention! xx

  13. So fab! Every time I see one your posts about houses pop up I get excited, followed by insane desire to move to a Scandi country at once. Lovely blog find too - thank you!

  14. Beautiful! You're so great at finding these things, love the colour and pattern. Want to move to a Scandi country now.


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